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My class was small at september by britney

In september  miss cavanagh had 19 children and mrs D esive had a year 5 class in the old year 6 and miss cavanagh had a brassroomanew  classroom .When the art room was next to the year 5  classroom .new  it is next to year 6 classroom.

my memories in year 5



In September 2012 year 5 began .i couldn’t wait to meet my new classmates and an amazing new teacher mrs de silva.

At the start of year 5 it was really good until mrs de silva became ill and we had to stay with mr Goulsbra then mr Stavisky then mrs Burnit i really liked mrs Burnit and our class got  shorter . finally mrs de silva came back but who new mrs de silva was going to tell us we were going to miss cavanagh’s class …


Well after the half term we were then in miss cavanagh’s claass new classmates new teacher this was going to be very difficult but actually it wasn’t . It still was squashy but that was ok . miss cavanagh turned out to be extremely lovely , kind and helpful . over the year i got use to staying in the other class.


 I enjoyed all our trips with st christophers like when we went to lyme park and to each others schools.


Later when it was time for our final test I was anxious about my marks but when i got them i was really happy and proud of myself for getting those marks .


Then to come was the best trip of all Blackpool it was amazing i went on the revolution and i had a fantastic time.


I’ve made a scrapbook all about year 5 and i don’t want to forget a single bit of it . i don’t think any other year 5 will be as exciting as this one.

Being in year 5

                               being in year 5


Back in september 2012 we had a lovely small class until a another half of a class came into are class

they were very nice and kind like the others.   We had an asistant teacher in are class to help us he was

a really good maths teacher, i was really happy to have Miss Cavangah she was really cool awsome funny

and helpful.

After a while i was so happy to hear what levele i got in maths and reading manely writting i love writting

for the end of year 5 trip we go to black pool me and my frieng went on the front of the revolutoin and i was

screming my head off when we lined up i ran away to get off the revolutoin but unforchantnly she draged me

back on at the front…



My dislikes are:  getting hit by a foot ball and a tennis ball on my birthday and that hurt. On the day for my play of

macbeth if was so shy in front of my cousins and aunts.  we met a new school called st. christphores and they were a lot of fun. 



what did i do in year 5

last year whan i was in the other year 5 we had 31 childerd and there’s alot of childern gon to there country and going in a hollday and going to a nother school. now we have 17 childern and are class rooom is dark and dostey and we sore miss cavanagh class room was byetful and one day in are old class room we had miss buntt and are rele techer is miss adsilver and she was in the hosptel and miss burnett toke care of her jub in tall miss adsilver come back and one day we want to miss cavana new class room and now we had 33 childern and we had fun in are new classroom and are new techer and we all metd the other childern and we had fun in the trips like meten an other school and i realy realy enjoy is to go blackpool with year 6 and i like to go layen park with the other school and we injoy all of the tripsand i had fun.









When I first coming year 5 this my first y year it was hard to concentrate there was lots of teachers and then when I came in to miss cavangh’t

class it was easy for me I learned  some English and I did better then before.

Now all the things that was hard for me naw it is easy and all of that was miss cavangh.

And this the best year in yea r 5 and I found my talent.

what a hard year in year 5

what a hard year in year 5

When I came in year 5 there was lots of teachers and I cant concentrate because there were lots of noise and every week a new teacher coming in our class it was difficult for me.

when I came in to miss cavanghs class  it was nice easy and fun and I moved lots of tables and I found my talent.

I enjoyed all the trips especially black pool because it was really! really! good fun I want to go again .

I remember in black pool when we got in the revolution when we finish I see miss cvanghs face was pink and I side it was fun and she side it was good fun and jake side no this is not good oh this is not good and I was laghing at them.

and I really like this year  goodbye  thanks. 

In september in 2012 we all stared y5 it was amazing when i stared miss Cavanagh
love us but we are a handful…

In september:2012
             we all in where in y3/4 but we where all i n y4 it was transition day we all went in the aftr school club and it was exsating
we play gems we new miss Cavanagh she the best teacher in the wold so is all my teachers and then we all got big news we got a new class room it was a class art room now is a classroom.

My year in year 5 devonte

I’n september 2012 we started in mrs de silva class but at the she was not feeling well so we had a lot of other teachers and one was called mrs burnit and she was really nice.

Then we moved class to ms cavanaghs class and then we made friends and then later in the year we got used to ms cavanagh and the other kids there was 18 children  when we moved in there was 33 children in the class sowe added 15 children to the class .

and we moved on with other topics like the wwestild  and all other topics and the blackpool trip was amazing.


when first  joined barlow hall school  I didn’t  know anyone  but I settled well.

later in the year we had to change class  and went with miss cavangh  and the new class room. we were a small class  but we became a big class  with 33 childern. 

I really enjoyed  my time with new friends .  I learned more things more than I knew I was  louky  some girls  spok my langue.

I didn’t like the teachers  when they are angry so I stay polit and quit .

I am so happy  I have lots of  friends and I learned more . I work really hard I did  my best  and I became  much better .  I enjoyed  the blackpool trip too. 

my friends help me when I need help and I help them.



My best year in 5

Mr hackiyman helped rohan  with his behaviour  it was sad when he left he had  to go to  a noferel rohan  school  and  catherine came in to  hlep rohan and  she  came  for the moning and she left in the afternoon  miss cavanagh is the  best  teacher  in the whol world school  and I my self  Nathan  have leening menter he help’s me with my anger because i have anger problem’s i came back at 2oclok  and then we go home at 5 minutes past 5  and we go in when the bell rings we go in and tackse the register and then we do work and  year 5  is fun  and it is hard sometimes and easy .by nathan.

my fantastic year in year 5

Back in september when i was in mrs desilvas class it was weird because i didint have my normal teacher for a while. becuase i had a suplie teachers and we wasent learning any thing we just watched films on youtube and i just thort it was a little bit weird because we only had mrs desilva for a little while becuase she wasent well.

Then when my normal teacher came back mrs desilva she told us some news and that news was that we was moving to misscavanaghs  class and i was realy upset about that because i had never had miss cavanagh as a teacher before and i thort that she was going to be realy scary.

After a while a few months later we was getting ready to switch classes and then we then moved into miss cavanaghs class on that monday back and that day when i had just walked in the class room it wasent as scary as i thort it was.

Once miss cavanagh had done the register we did some work together to get to no each over a bit weller and then miss cavanagh came over to help me and i got very nervous and started to shake but it wasent as bad as i thort it was going to be then i soon stopped but that was realy difficult  to.

But now ive got to no miss cavanagh its all good because i have got  use to her and i have liked year 5 becuase i  have loads of friends what make me laugh and i like to talk to witch are alina/aysha/kaitlyn and many more.

In year 5 i have enjoyed going to blackpool with year 6 that was great fun and i went on some few good rides like the revolution and i was going to go on the pepsi max but the quew was massive so i couldent go on that  and i was also going to go on the infosision but plans changed becuase the quew was to long we went to nikelodean land for a while to see what rides were over there there was a few good rides i mean i went on that ship where you sit on the motter bike and go pretty high.

And now that its nearly the end of year 5 i now cant wait for my next challenge year 6.

my memories in year 5

Back in September 2012 i was really Exsited to meet a new teacher and other people who i did not know. After a few months later i moved in London in the middle of the year i came back to Manchester.

some of the things that went well this year was coming into a brand new classroom  and getting to know my new teacher.I have Acheived was my levels and improving on my maths and new friend my class we all went on a school trip and we went with another school it was called st christopher’s.

I enjoyed going to Blackpool with my class 5c and y6 we went on lots of good rides the revolution and pepsi max and lots more  it was the end of the year trip we all enjoyed our selves and i enjoyed den building with st chistophers and iam looking forward to year 6 but i am not looking forward to the SAT’S in year6.

In year 5 i will always remember Aysha’s talking and her drama Amaya’s dancing and Kya’s laughing and lots more. miss cavanagh was the best teacher in year 5 we all had lot and lots of  jokes together and i will miss her when i am in year 6.

This was my year in year 5 i will miss the brand new classroom and all my friends and last but not least my Teacher i have enjoye class (years 5)   FROM alina                                                                                                                                                     

my fab year in miss c’s class by chyna

at the start of year 5 i  was really excited about having miss Cavanagh because at the end of year 4 i wouldn’t stop asking miss cavanagh knew she i was going to be in class and she knew she just had to tell a little fib and say she didnt know but now im  a really happy student in               her class.


what ive enjoyed about year 5 …

i really enjoyed going to the Armatige centre with st christophers school , we met so many new faces , ive actually got a bestie there her name is Micheala i really had lots of fun.In year 5 weve recently been on a trip to Blackpool Peasure Beach and what made me happy there was i got to scream on all the rides with my friends .      another thing i’ve enjoyed was doing macbeth at chorlton high it was way fun practicing for the big night it felt like bubbles in your tummy because there  was so many people watching, me emily and ruth were the three witches and i had to scream really  loud.  

what i found difficult …..

at the start of the year i found it difficult to be separated from my close friends in ms desilva’s class.

what Im proud of…

this year i am so proud of my improvements in maths and high levels in my test and climbing high mountains in glaramara.



Memories of year5

 I have loved year 5 year 5 is probably the best year i have ever had in school because of the teacher that is usally having jokes with us The christmas play,Mcbeth and another class shifting into our class.

When I first started year 5 I felt annoyed because I had to go school, but after a few weeks it was allright and then we had our Christmas play which was kind of embarassing because we only had to sing songs and year 6 had the lines, and even year 1/2 had lines. so anyway after a few months Mr Hakiman joined us to help Rohan with his behaviour. But unfortanately after like 1 or 2 months Rohan had to go to a diffrent school.

In March another class shifted into our class. And I still remember NIMA ZACHARIA and ZAMZAM because Nima moved to Iraq and the 2 twins Zacharia and zam zam moved to Birmingham all of a sudden i think it was an Emergency shift.

Oh, I nearly forgot Macbeth,I was really lets say nervous about Macbeth but after I had done Mcbeth I was really proud of my self and thought that it was worth it. 

And I remember when some people went glaramara for 5 days and the people that didn’t go made some cakes,biscuits and flapjacks and sold them at friday and bought some stuff from the money and watched a movie at the end of the day.

And finally blackpool I really wanted to go blackpool but my brother fractured his hand and he had to go to the hospital and because of that my dad couldn’t pick me up from school.

I wish my year 6 is better then year 5.

my year in year 5 lucas

In sebtember we had a speshal  teacher incame in he was called mr Hakiman came to school and left in november then a girl came in to school and she halped us to she was called cathrineshe helped in diffrebt classi also enjoyed going to lyme park and black pool .

Int was very hard getting to know bigger class i am proud of  achving a level 3a and catching up my challeng was to get better at spelling and writing and i met it.

I sound spelling and writing

difficalt it was hard to to gat my target but i got there 


what i liked in year5

my favroute memorie is going to blackpool with my best freinds but one of my best freinds is ridoy rowan because he whanted to go on the pepsi max but i dident  so he whent on the rides I whanted to go on. my favroute ride was a ride that go on a faik horse with a nother person I whent with ridoy and it was hard to hold on to the faik horse then we had to go up and down then round and up and down then we wer done thats what i liked in year5.

by nicholas stibbe


memories of year 5!!!


A couple of months ago when we started year 5 with Miss Cavanagh I was scared I had no idea how miss Cavanagh would be would she be mean horrible strict loads of things were running in my head all at the same time because I’ve never been in Miss Cavanagh class before but it was different for the kids that had been in Miss Cavanagh year 3/4 but as the days passed I got to know all the kids that I never got to know.

we had lots of memories about year 5 one of the best was when we went to Blackpool also when me and Amaya was messing and we both fell through a dip in the playground  math was really fun too because I had my two best friends were on  my maths table and we always help each other when we were stuck .

but there was some difficult times like when the two classes came together and we had to meet new people and got to know new kids  also we had to all squish up in one little classroom

it has been a really good year it was so fun I wish it could start over. bye


my amazing year in year 5

In september I am happy to see my new new teacher miss cavanagh and our assisant mr hakiman also i was ready to meet new friends in the class…but after that everything was about to change!

In march there was another year 5 class coming to join our class to make 1 big year 5 class and that was breath taking for everyone because they were used to being seprate classes but we had to be a big class and it was really scary for us and miss cavanagh.

After a few months we was a big class then we started to do this thing called school linking project with another school called st cthristophers…our first trip with them was going to the amartage centre and turned out to be good and i also made a new friend called leonie and she was a very friendly and beautiful girl.

Then after 6 weekes we met again and our second trip was to go to their school to see how its like and i reilised that they had a chutch next to their so that meant they belivers and one part of the church was called our lady.

In july when we went to our trip to blackpool it was so good i went on the ice blast and many more.I nearly wet my pants considering how high we went on the ice blast.

This year i am proud of  getting my good grades and my improvement in maths. 

my year in year 5

In september 2012 I was realy exsited to be in mrs desilvas class.


 Soon miss got sick and we had about 4 supply teachers  but we stayed with Miss Burnit .And then lots of children left so we had to join Miss cavanagh’s class wich was realy good .

In Miss cavanagh’s class we did lots of fun trips like to Blackpool and when I was when I was in a diffrent class I always wanted to go in Miss cavanagh’s class wich is good.

In year 5 I found literacy hard because I’m not the best writer and I had to go to literacy booster to get a better level but i’m prode of what i got.

When we was in mrs desilvas class I was sad to go but n ow i’m fine .

but now in year 5 its realy good and fun with miss cavanagh.


My Year in Year 5

Back in September 2012 when we met Miss Cavanagh there was some of my friends in year 5 and some not but then I made friends with some of the people I didn’t  know like: Kian, Nathen, Lucas, Devonte, Ridoy and more.

Some things I did this year, I did the Macbeth play I was Lennox a Scottish thane and i went in a Christmas play, but then a few months later Miss De Silva’s class came to our class so that made 1 class then Miss Evans had a baby so Miss De Silva took over her class.

Before that Mr Hakiman was here to take care of Rohan because there was some problems with his beheviour then Rohan moved to another school that can help him with his behaviour, ZamZam and Zach left this school so did Alina but a few months later she came back.

After that I twisted my muscle in my hand when I was playing football with my brother also at lunchtimes I play cricket.

Finally I remember when we went to blackpool me and lucas were at the front seat of the Revolution  and when we went to Lyme Park  I remember when everyone was hugging the old tree, also I remember when some people went to Glaramara and some people did forest crue also we were making some kind of desert itn groups then we got to sell them we bought some things to eat and watch. 

My year in year five!!!!

Dear Diary

Back in September 2012 I was very excited to go into to my new class but me not knowing that my new teacher was ill …we had rto have a suplie  teacher on the first day back  to school called Mr Golsbra.

We had a lot of suplie teachers and a a lot of children were leaving too so we had to go in a new year five class the teacher was called Miss cavanagh.  I found it difficult getting know a new teacher again I also felt nevous at the  same time.

I’ve really enjoyed doing the S.L.P  with St Chrisophers I met lots of friends. 

The one thing I will alway rember in year five is going too Blackpool I had a blast all off my friends had a blast too.

                       That way my year in fantastic year five

My 1/2 Year with Five

Back in  November 2012 I was really happy because  i  got know  a new teacher and a new class we always use to have fun until we   heard  that they other year five was moving in to our small  little classroom of only 19 childran in it and 13 more was moving in alltogether we had a small little classroom of 32 children  in but it was not that bad because we still use to play together and have fun.We did not really have arrguments much and we still use to do little jokes on people especially my teacher miss cavanagh never use to stop playing jokes on people.

Some of the things that went really well was my achievements and getting to know other and nice good friends alsoo my handwriting started to change into a nice cursive handwriting.

Hear  are some of the things that apparently did not seem to go very  well was breakup’s  with my friends and also some different kinds of injuries like getting hit by a football.

 Hear  are some of the things that apparently did not seem to go very  well was breakup’s  with my friends and also some different kinds of injuries like getting hit by a football. I’vereally enjoyed my self  In year 5  but i am just looking forward to year 6 even though i have a great teacher i am looking forward to a new y6 teacher i felt really good and happy when i was in year five.But also i am hopeing for the best for next year.



The incredible 5!

Back in my old class in september 2012, I was happy in my old class with mrs Burnitt and mrs De Silver, but a few monthes later in march it all changed and my wish came true.

Some of the  fantastic things that I enjoyed this year was having a funny and beautiful teacher called miss Cavanagh and getting to be with my best friend because she wasn’t in my class before.

The trip that i have enjoyed the most is going to Blackpool because I have never been with the whole class.

The things that I have been finding difficult is getting to know other people and have a realy squashed and small  class.

All the memories that I will remember are going to Blackpool with my class, working with miss Cavanagh, going to trips with Saint Christophers and having a laugh at the class with everyone. I will remember everything about year 5 and I will never forget miss Cavanagh who has helped me, and now i’m comfident .

By Aciea




This is the class where two classes (ms cavanah &ms da silver)joined together. we were all happy where we were …my best friends are nick s kian c and brandon b.                            

  First we were in Ms Da Silver’s class and there were like  20 children and then 2 people left while mrs burnit was here.

Then a boy called Alfadel left and Zam Zam left to. That left us with 16.Then we got worried.So we had to do the MacBeth play without them. I was Donalbain.The prince.

Then more people left and we had 13 children so we were  really worried when we were told that we were going to ms cavanas class and she was also scared.

Then we discovered that it turned out to be really good and fun and really nice. bye ridoy


In September 2012 year 5 started, but i wasn’t there…Yeah that’s right i started in December.

When i started i found it hard to fit in, New School, New Friends and a New Class Mates. It was really weird but then i got some really good friends: Zaynab,Sabrina,Kaitlyn even some more.

I remember once Miss Cavanagh wanted to tell us something,we came up up with crazy ideas;then miss told us there was only gonna be one year 5 class and she told us the other year 5 class was coming  and was going to be part of our class. PHEW!!! I thought Miss Cavanagh was leaving.

I’ve enjoyed so many things: the trips with ST Christopher’s, LS Lowry trip, Making friends especially Blackpool. At Blackpool my favourite ride i went on ever was the Revolution because i went on it at the front with my Best Friend, Zaynab,she screamed a lot and when i say a lot i mean a lot. 

One of the most difficult things for me was fitting in. It was so hard but i managed anyway i think ?

Mr Hakiman was Rohan’s helper, but he left when Rohan left. MS Burnit was the other class’s supply teacher and when Miss Cavanagh went out she would sometimes teach us.

Lots of funny things happened especially in the playground, it’s  always with Zaynab and Me.

I went to Glaramara in Lake District, i shared a room with my Best Friend can you guess who? It was Zaynab for 7 days that was good but the activities were quite hard only some though.


My fab year 5 by Robin

Back in September I was in Peru, but I came back just before Spring, it was hard settling back in England because things were so different. The thing I felt most difficult was the fact that I’d already missed half a year of this year and I’d fell back in most things so it was very hard catching up.

But at least most things went well, in peru things were hard and the teacher could hurt you, I got hit on the bum with a rope myself! But when I came back to Barlow Hall, I thought things were really nice because there is not much things to worry  about. Later on I met St Christophers and one of the trips included building a den in the woods!

I think I have developed a good reading speed and I think I can read and write quite fast. The only things Im working on right now are dividing  and spelling. I am studying hard at home to get a level 6 in year 6 although it will be very hard


my year in year 5

In september 2012 i was happy to go in miss cavanagh class but a few months later the other year 5 joind.

it was very hard to get to know them i already knew some off them

i enjoyed making new friends and also doing mickbeth i was a little bit nervous but when i was done i was really proud of myself also i am very proud of getting a level 4b in my reading it was one of the best thing i have ever done .

i have found my spelling difficult this year so my target for next year is to  try harder and push my self instead of asking people .     

Yr 5 Memos. Emily :D

Hi i’m Emily and today i am going to tell you about my memories of year 5,

In the beginning i was in a well.. humble class ? and Mrs Desilva , My year 5 teacher , was only in one day so our class had about three supplies. It was a tough year that ol’ 2012 we soon found out that we were joining   Miss Cavanaghs class! OH JOY with old friends and a new vibrant class, Yet Miss Cavanaghs smile turned into a frown the back up again i think she was sad that she had to lose MORE wait to fit around our chairs and for her wedding. But she didn’t know that she all ready had a “BIKINI” body 😀 .

Now to tell you about my happy moments in this BEAUTIFUL class including the fab teacher.

Oh how i love Miss Cavanaghs fun learning she made me what’s the word hmm… HAPPY to be in school i cant belive i wrote that. I will never forget the time when we did dizzy dollies and i went so fast that i stoped ran about and banged my face into the wall i should of put that on youv’e been framed get my hands on some cash HA HA HA! Fun times.

Now about my grades i am so glad with them this year i have certainly got better at my maths now what a good thing! i know i am no Albert Einstein but im better thats all i’m happy about! i’m not sure about this and Miss C if your reading this please tell me if i have got better at my english ( Writing) and reading i think i have?

Waw we get lot smore fun exersise in Miss C’s class we have fun and never forget the time i was like the lucky charm my team won 3 times in a row but if people tell me to try and win i don’t its strange like the power is shy of people or something.

The thing i found quite hard were my tests and maths and recognizing people’s faces and names. I was very anxious with my test’s expecilly maths i though i would of got a 2C or 2A but no i got way higher  i am so happy with my grades!

TRIPS :D!!!!

the trips that i really enjoyed were going lyme park with St. Christophers and BLACKPOOL it was awesome and the Valhala was so scary and WET 🙁 i was drenched i went on t’he NEW ride wallace and gromis THRILL-O-METER. 


Thanks For Reading,

























My Year In Year 5 By Jasiah

Back in september I couldn’t wait to go to the new year 5 class and I couldn’t wait to get a new teacher. First Miss Cavanaghs class was small. There was a teacher in our class his name was Mr Hakiman and he helped out with a child’s behaviour  and the child’s name was Rohan and later in the year unfortunately his behaviour  was too bad so he had to leave schools and because Rohan went Mr Hakiman had to go as well.

In 2013 around about the end of March Miss Cavanagh heard some news the the other Year 5 class was going to be joint together with our class to make one big Year 5 for some it was good news but for others they didn’t like it at all. After a few months the big Year 5 class worked out really well everyone were friends.

The thing that I have found most difficult is the challenges but I enjoyed them at the same time because no matter how hard something is I still want to try and sometimes even finish challenges.

I have enjoyed making friends friends that i wasn’t friends with in year 3/4 and I have enjoyed all the trips especially going to Blackpool with year 6.

My best memory in Year 5 would be going to Glaramara for 5 Nights and doing all them activities there and just having a good time.

That has been my best moments in Year 5 and my memories and i hope it can be the same or even better in year 6.


my year in 5c!

Back in september 2012 I had miss cavanagha we had the

newest classroom in the school.

some of the things i enjoyed this year as a year 5 was going to st

christophers for are SLN ,also doing the maths in year 5. The

things i disliked about year 5 was litracey,re ,guided reading ,topic,sicence and gymnastics. 

The things i found difficult was when mrs de silvers class came into our classroom and when my friend Alina left i thought it was dificultt then .


The things i will remeber about year 5 is when i choped my finger (thumb) with miss larw and it not stop bleeding also i will remeber when we had to hug that tree at lime park and the last thing i will remember is blackpool when i whent for my end of year trip and in whent on the reveloishion and the tango ice blast that was fun and funny.











Year 5 has been really cool with a teacher i have never been with befor and doing diffrent tests


hi everyone i cant wait to go to blackpool and Lyme park with St. Christophers primary school can anyone tell me if your going on the PEPSI MAX can two people sit next to me so i squeeze them so tight if i am tall enough 🙂 bye emily

HI ITS emily hope you are all okay can you please improve this sentence!


the tiger roared loudly.

I maths

I like maths because you get to do go things you get to do pestigs and bar charts and you get to do graphs and you can make shapes out of clixiy. nathan

year 5 is my class

Hello I am Aciea, the things I have been enjoying in year 5 is doing work with my teacher miss Cavanagh,

playing rounders outside, meeting people that weren’t at my class in year 3/4 and lots more.

I love my new class because the builders made it other then the old art room.




















































































Punch And Judy By Jasiah

Punch and Judy is a traditional, popular puppet show featuring Mr.Punch and his wife, Judy. The performance consists of a sequence of short scenes, each depicting an interaction between two characters, most typically the violent Punch and one other character. It is often associated with traditional English seaside culture.

The show is performed by a single puppeteer inside the booth, known since Victorian times as a “Professor” or “Punchman,” and assisted sometimes by a “Bottler”, who corrals the audience outside the booth, introduces the performance and collects the money (“the bottle”). The Bottler might also play accompanying music or sound effects on a drum or guitar and engage in back chat with the puppets, sometimes repeating the same or the copied lines that may have been difficult for the audience to understand. In Victorian times the drum and pan pipes were the instruments of choice. Today, the audience is also encouraged to participate, calling out to the characters on the stage to warn them of danger, or clue them into what is going on behind their backs. Also nowadays most Professors work solo since the need for a bottler became less important when busking with the show gave way to paid engagements at private parties or public events.

The characters in a Punch and Judy show are not fixed as in a Shakespeare play, for instance. They are similar to the cast of a soap opera or a folk tale like Robin Hood. While the principal characters must appear, the lesser characters are included at the discretion of the performer. New characters may be added as the tradition evolves, and older characters dropped.

Along with Punch and Judy, the cast of characters usually includes their baby, a hungry crocodile, a clown, an officious policeman, and a prop string of sausages.[1] The devil and the generic hangman Jack Ketch may still make their appearances but, if so, Punch will always get the better of them. The cast of a typical Punch and Judy show today will include:

  • Mr. Punch

  • Judy
  • The Baby
  • The Constable
  • Joey the Clown
  • The Crocodile
  • The Skeleton
  • The Doctor

Characters once regular but now occasional include:

  • Toby the Dog
  • Hector the Horse
  • Pretty Polly
  • The Hangman (a.k.a. Jack Ketch)
  • The Devil
  • The Beadle
  • Mr. Scaramouche

Characters only seen in a historical re-enactment performance include:

  • The Servant (or “The Minstrel”)
  • The Blind Man

Other characters included Boxers, Chinese Plate Spinners, topical figures, a trick puppet with an extending neck (the “Courtier”) and a monkey. A live Dog Toby which sat on the playboard and performed ‘with’ the puppets was once a regular featured novelty routine.

Dr Barnardo By Jasiah

Thomas John Barnardo (4 July 1845 – 19 September 1905) was a philanthropist and founder and director of homes for poor children, born in Dublin. From the foundation of the first Barnardos home in 1870 to the date of Barnardo’s death, nearly 100,000 children had been rescued, trained and given a better life.

Barnardo was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1845. He was the fourth of five children of John Michaelis Barnardo, a furrier, and his second wife, Abigail,an Englishwoman and member of the Plymouth Brethren. In the early 1840s, John emigrated from Hamburg to Dublin, where he established a business; he married twice and fathered seventeen children. The Barnardo origins are uncertain; the family “traced its origin to Venice, followed by conversion to the Lutheran Church in the sixteenth century,” but others have claimed German Jewish roots for them.

With the intention of qualifying for medical missionary work in China, Barnardo studied medicine at the London Hospital, and later at Paris and Edinburgh, where he became a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. However, he never earned a doctorate, and in later life he was prosecuted for falsely claiming he was a doctor.


Jasiah’s Homework About Decoupage

Decoupage (or découpage) is the art of decorating an object by gluing coloured paper cut outs onto it in combination with special paint effects, gold leaf and so on. Commonly an object like a small box or an item of furniture is covered by cut outs from magazines or from purpose-manufactured papers. Each layer is sealed with varnishes (often multiple coats) until the “stuck on” appearance disappears and the result looks like painting or inlay work. The traditional technique used 30 to 40 layers of varnish which were then sanded to a polished finish. This was known in 18th century England as the art of Japanning after its presumed origins.
3D decoupage (sometimes also referred to simply as decoupage) is the art of creating a 3D image by cutting out elements of varying sizes from a series of identical images and layering them on top of each other, usually with adhesive foam spacers between each layer to give the image more depth.
Pyramid decoupage (also called pyramage) is a process similar to 3D decoupage. In pyramid decoupage, a series of identical images are cut into progressively smaller, identical shapes which are layered and fixed with adhesive foam spacers to create a 3D ‘pyramid’ effect.


Wood intarsia

Oliver Twist Song By Jasiah

kaitlyns thursday qwesgion

do you know what this word means ILLNESS ?

coment the anser the the first person that coments and is right wins a prize
good luck guys

Our New Topic – The Victorians

What are you enjoying so far about our new topic in Year 5?
*Our Lowry art work?
*Punch and Judy puppets in DT?
*The exciting homework challenges?

I can’t wait until our next 1/2 term to begin our History and Geography work!
Miss C 🙂

kaitlyns homework

oliver twist song homwork !


I when’t to lascwest and me and I got my mum out in the next round my mum got me out and then and me and my mum was on teams and some other pouple ond we won the round and in the next round we won the hole game It was fun from Nathan.

Fahads jokes


Mike is a butcher. He is 5’10” tall. What does he weigh? Meat

Q. What happened when the dog went to the flea circus? A. He stole the show!

Q. Why was the dog sweating so much? A. He was a hotdog!

Why did the dog sit next to the fire? so he could become a hot dog

Q. What kind of dog likes baths? A. A Shampoodle.

Q. What dog keeps Q. A. A watch dog!

What did one flea say to the other A. Should we walk or take a dog?

Q. What do you get if you cross a cocker spaniel, a poodle and a rooster? A. Cockerpoodledoo!


Doctor, Doctor, my baby’s swallowed a bullet. Well, don’t point him at anyone until I get there!

Doctor, Doctor, how can I cure my sleep walking? Sprinkle tin-tacks on your bedroom floor!


Knock knock Who’s there? Mikey! Mikey who? Mikey doesn’t fit in the keyhole!


Knock knock Who’s there? Howard! Howard who? Howard I know?


Knock knock Who’s there? Beets! Beets who? Beets me!

Knock knock Who’s there? Ice cream! Ice cream who? Ice cream if you don’t let me in!

Knock knock Who’s there? Cows! Cows who? Cows go ‘moo’ not who!





















Jokes By Jasiah

Q: Knock, knock—-Who’s There?—-Ashe—-Ashe who? A: Bless you!

Q: Knock, knock—-Who’s there?—-Nobel—-Nobel who? A: No bell, that’s why I knocked!

Q: Knock, knock—-Who’s there?—-Leaf—-Leaf who? A: Leaf me alone!

Q: Knock, knock—-Who’s There?—-lettuce—-lettuce who? A: Lettuce in and you’ll find out!

Q: Knock-knock—-Who’s there?—-Aaron—-Aaron who? A: Why Aaron you opening the door?

Q: Knock, knock—-Who’s There?—-Tank—-Tank Who? A: You’re welcome!

Q: Knock, knock—-WQ: Knock, knock—-Who’s there?—-Orange—-Orange who? A: Orange you even going to open the door!ho’s there?—-Hawaii—-Hawaii who? A: I’m fine, Hawaii you?

Q: Knock-knock—-Who’s there?—-Gray Z—-Gray Z who? A: Gray Z mixed up kid.

Ridoy’s best day ever!

It was the last day of the Easter holiday and it was the best firstly we went to the Trafford centre and we went to the Odeon cinema……And we went Nandos ….That’s all folks!

why i love animals

animals need to be treated with care and lov e for example I have a do that looks like this and he gets treated with extra tender love and care his name is Roo my best pet animals are obviosouly dogs they are super cute not that I don’t love all animals my best zoo animal is a baby panda

my best bird is a puffin so if you ever get an animal make sure you treat it with love and kindness. from chyna.

What i did over the easter holidays??????

On good Friday I went to London to my cousin house for two days and my mum god brother used to work in Buckingham place and we was going in the water fountain and my sister slipped in the fountain and got drenched

On Easter we went to Disney world in Paris and it was so fun then I went to my hotel and there was a parrot so we called the a person from downstairs to come and take parrot away.

By Ruth xxx

Mashals Easter holidays

My holiday was filled with fun although I don’t celebrate Easter . I had my cousins come from London for a few days we had so much fun . me and my cousins went as a family to a fancy restaurant I ate loads of ice cream for dessert . Surprisingly we went to London the next day for 3 or4 days. we went to central London with our mums friends daughter who’s 19 . now my holiday became a dream come true . my auntie came for 2 days . she took us to the best theme park ever we went on every roller coaster and every good ride. I even had a hair cut I look real good now. My holiday was filled with surprises and excitement. I cant wait to see what you’ve been doing in your holidays.

Ansh Easter holiday

I didn’t really go out that much in my holidays. but i did have a really good easter egg it was delicious. My cousin came over from his Uni in Scotland for a few days. But i had a really good time with my friends when i saw them in the easter holidays and had. If anyone went to the Trafford centre i hope they had a great time. Hope you had a great Easter.

From Ansh