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February, 2013:

Best Trip At Glaramara

Glaramara was the best time I had ever had in my life time I enjoyed it a lot and we got to see mr stoneman’s daughters called Megan and Olivia and Megan is 11 and Olivia is 9years old like me and now I miss them so much already if you this message report it to mr stoneman please.

Enterprise Week in 5/6C

This week, we had a fantastic time completing a range of activities for our Enterprise week as well as enjoying some Forest Crew activities. Well done for making a profit of over £37!!!!
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Hi Ruth what are you doing and what does it look like in the Lake District?


Hi children what are you up to and what fun activities have you done because I think it’s fun and that you can do rock climbing and cave hunting .


Hey how is glaramara we heard that it is proper snowing

My best friend by Lucas

My best friend is Kian because he helps people out when they are stuck and he plays stuff what you want play and he dose not do bad stuff and you may have ups and downs but he will still be your friend and he lends stuff also he’s good at swimming you can see doing it and you can copy that he dose not mine you tacking idea from him and that’s why he is a good friend.