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Jokes By Jasiah

Q: Knock, knock—-Who’s There?—-Ashe—-Ashe who? A: Bless you!

Q: Knock, knock—-Who’s there?—-Nobel—-Nobel who? A: No bell, that’s why I knocked!

Q: Knock, knock—-Who’s there?—-Leaf—-Leaf who? A: Leaf me alone!

Q: Knock, knock—-Who’s There?—-lettuce—-lettuce who? A: Lettuce in and you’ll find out!

Q: Knock-knock—-Who’s there?—-Aaron—-Aaron who? A: Why Aaron you opening the door?

Q: Knock, knock—-Who’s There?—-Tank—-Tank Who? A: You’re welcome!

Q: Knock, knock—-WQ: Knock, knock—-Who’s there?—-Orange—-Orange who? A: Orange you even going to open the door!ho’s there?—-Hawaii—-Hawaii who? A: I’m fine, Hawaii you?

Q: Knock-knock—-Who’s there?—-Gray Z—-Gray Z who? A: Gray Z mixed up kid.

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