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Being in year 5

                               being in year 5


Back in september 2012 we had a lovely small class until a another half of a class came into are class

they were very nice and kind like the others.   We had an asistant teacher in are class to help us he was

a really good maths teacher, i was really happy to have Miss Cavangah she was really cool awsome funny

and helpful.

After a while i was so happy to hear what levele i got in maths and reading manely writting i love writting

for the end of year 5 trip we go to black pool me and my frieng went on the front of the revolutoin and i was

screming my head off when we lined up i ran away to get off the revolutoin but unforchantnly she draged me

back on at the front…



My dislikes are:  getting hit by a foot ball and a tennis ball on my birthday and that hurt. On the day for my play of

macbeth if was so shy in front of my cousins and aunts.  we met a new school called st. christphores and they were a lot of fun. 



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