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Memories of year5

 I have loved year 5 year 5 is probably the best year i have ever had in school because of the teacher that is usally having jokes with us The christmas play,Mcbeth and another class shifting into our class.

When I first started year 5 I felt annoyed because I had to go school, but after a few weeks it was allright and then we had our Christmas play which was kind of embarassing because we only had to sing songs and year 6 had the lines, and even year 1/2 had lines. so anyway after a few months Mr Hakiman joined us to help Rohan with his behaviour. But unfortanately after like 1 or 2 months Rohan had to go to a diffrent school.

In March another class shifted into our class. And I still remember NIMA ZACHARIA and ZAMZAM because Nima moved to Iraq and the 2 twins Zacharia and zam zam moved to Birmingham all of a sudden i think it was an Emergency shift.

Oh, I nearly forgot Macbeth,I was really lets say nervous about Macbeth but after I had done Mcbeth I was really proud of my self and thought that it was worth it. 

And I remember when some people went glaramara for 5 days and the people that didn’t go made some cakes,biscuits and flapjacks and sold them at friday and bought some stuff from the money and watched a movie at the end of the day.

And finally blackpool I really wanted to go blackpool but my brother fractured his hand and he had to go to the hospital and because of that my dad couldn’t pick me up from school.

I wish my year 6 is better then year 5.

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