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my amazing year in year 5

In september I am happy to see my new new teacher miss cavanagh and our assisant mr hakiman also i was ready to meet new friends in the class…but after that everything was about to change!

In march there was another year 5 class coming to join our class to make 1 big year 5 class and that was breath taking for everyone because they were used to being seprate classes but we had to be a big class and it was really scary for us and miss cavanagh.

After a few months we was a big class then we started to do this thing called school linking project with another school called st cthristophers…our first trip with them was going to the amartage centre and turned out to be good and i also made a new friend called leonie and she was a very friendly and beautiful girl.

Then after 6 weekes we met again and our second trip was to go to their school to see how its like and i reilised that they had a chutch next to their so that meant they belivers and one part of the church was called our lady.

In july when we went to our trip to blackpool it was so good i went on the ice blast and many more.I nearly wet my pants considering how high we went on the ice blast.

This year i am proud of  getting my good grades and my improvement in maths. 

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