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My fab year 5 by Robin

Back in September I was in Peru, but I came back just before Spring, it was hard settling back in England because things were so different. The thing I felt most difficult was the fact that I’d already missed half a year of this year and I’d fell back in most things so it was very hard catching up.

But at least most things went well, in peru things were hard and the teacher could hurt you, I got hit on the bum with a rope myself! But when I came back to Barlow Hall, I thought things were really nice because there is not much things to worry  about. Later on I met St Christophers and one of the trips included building a den in the woods!

I think I have developed a good reading speed and I think I can read and write quite fast. The only things Im working on right now are dividing  and spelling. I am studying hard at home to get a level 6 in year 6 although it will be very hard


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