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my fab year in miss c’s class by chyna

at the start of year 5 i  was really excited about having miss Cavanagh because at the end of year 4 i wouldn’t stop asking miss cavanagh knew she i was going to be in class and she knew she just had to tell a little fib and say she didnt know but now im  a really happy student in               her class.


what ive enjoyed about year 5 …

i really enjoyed going to the Armatige centre with st christophers school , we met so many new faces , ive actually got a bestie there her name is Micheala i really had lots of fun.In year 5 weve recently been on a trip to Blackpool Peasure Beach and what made me happy there was i got to scream on all the rides with my friends .      another thing i’ve enjoyed was doing macbeth at chorlton high it was way fun practicing for the big night it felt like bubbles in your tummy because there  was so many people watching, me emily and ruth were the three witches and i had to scream really  loud.  

what i found difficult …..

at the start of the year i found it difficult to be separated from my close friends in ms desilva’s class.

what Im proud of…

this year i am so proud of my improvements in maths and high levels in my test and climbing high mountains in glaramara.



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