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my memories in year 5



In September 2012 year 5 began .i couldn’t wait to meet my new classmates and an amazing new teacher mrs de silva.

At the start of year 5 it was really good until mrs de silva became ill and we had to stay with mr Goulsbra then mr Stavisky then mrs Burnit i really liked mrs Burnit and our class got  shorter . finally mrs de silva came back but who new mrs de silva was going to tell us we were going to miss cavanagh’s class …


Well after the half term we were then in miss cavanagh’s claass new classmates new teacher this was going to be very difficult but actually it wasn’t . It still was squashy but that was ok . miss cavanagh turned out to be extremely lovely , kind and helpful . over the year i got use to staying in the other class.


 I enjoyed all our trips with st christophers like when we went to lyme park and to each others schools.


Later when it was time for our final test I was anxious about my marks but when i got them i was really happy and proud of myself for getting those marks .


Then to come was the best trip of all Blackpool it was amazing i went on the revolution and i had a fantastic time.


I’ve made a scrapbook all about year 5 and i don’t want to forget a single bit of it . i don’t think any other year 5 will be as exciting as this one.

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