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my memories in year 5

Back in September 2012 i was really Exsited to meet a new teacher and other people who i did not know. After a few months later i moved in London in the middle of the year i came back to Manchester.

some of the things that went well this year was coming into a brand new classroom  and getting to know my new teacher.I have Acheived was my levels and improving on my maths and new friend my class we all went on a school trip and we went with another school it was called st christopher’s.

I enjoyed going to Blackpool with my class 5c and y6 we went on lots of good rides the revolution and pepsi max and lots more  it was the end of the year trip we all enjoyed our selves and i enjoyed den building with st chistophers and iam looking forward to year 6 but i am not looking forward to the SAT’S in year6.

In year 5 i will always remember Aysha’s talking and her drama Amaya’s dancing and Kya’s laughing and lots more. miss cavanagh was the best teacher in year 5 we all had lot and lots of  jokes together and i will miss her when i am in year 6.

This was my year in year 5 i will miss the brand new classroom and all my friends and last but not least my Teacher i have enjoye class (years 5)   FROM alina                                                                                                                                                     

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