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my year in 5c!

Back in september 2012 I had miss cavanagha we had the

newest classroom in the school.

some of the things i enjoyed this year as a year 5 was going to st

christophers for are SLN ,also doing the maths in year 5. The

things i disliked about year 5 was litracey,re ,guided reading ,topic,sicence and gymnastics. 

The things i found difficult was when mrs de silvers class came into our classroom and when my friend Alina left i thought it was dificultt then .


The things i will remeber about year 5 is when i choped my finger (thumb) with miss larw and it not stop bleeding also i will remeber when we had to hug that tree at lime park and the last thing i will remember is blackpool when i whent for my end of year trip and in whent on the reveloishion and the tango ice blast that was fun and funny.










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