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My Year in Year 5

Back in September 2012 when we met Miss Cavanagh there was some of my friends in year 5 and some not but then I made friends with some of the people I didn’t  know like: Kian, Nathen, Lucas, Devonte, Ridoy and more.

Some things I did this year, I did the Macbeth play I was Lennox a Scottish thane and i went in a Christmas play, but then a few months later Miss De Silva’s class came to our class so that made 1 class then Miss Evans had a baby so Miss De Silva took over her class.

Before that Mr Hakiman was here to take care of Rohan because there was some problems with his beheviour then Rohan moved to another school that can help him with his behaviour, ZamZam and Zach left this school so did Alina but a few months later she came back.

After that I twisted my muscle in my hand when I was playing football with my brother also at lunchtimes I play cricket.

Finally I remember when we went to blackpool me and lucas were at the front seat of the Revolution  and when we went to Lyme Park  I remember when everyone was hugging the old tree, also I remember when some people went to Glaramara and some people did forest crue also we were making some kind of desert itn groups then we got to sell them we bought some things to eat and watch. 

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