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my year in year 5

In september 2012 I was realy exsited to be in mrs desilvas class.


 Soon miss got sick and we had about 4 supply teachers  but we stayed with Miss Burnit .And then lots of children left so we had to join Miss cavanagh’s class wich was realy good .

In Miss cavanagh’s class we did lots of fun trips like to Blackpool and when I was when I was in a diffrent class I always wanted to go in Miss cavanagh’s class wich is good.

In year 5 I found literacy hard because I’m not the best writer and I had to go to literacy booster to get a better level but i’m prode of what i got.

When we was in mrs desilvas class I was sad to go but n ow i’m fine .

but now in year 5 its realy good and fun with miss cavanagh.


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