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My Year In Year 5 By Jasiah

Back in september I couldn’t wait to go to the new year 5 class and I couldn’t wait to get a new teacher. First Miss Cavanaghs class was small. There was a teacher in our class his name was Mr Hakiman and he helped out with a child’s behaviour  and the child’s name was Rohan and later in the year unfortunately his behaviour  was too bad so he had to leave schools and because Rohan went Mr Hakiman had to go as well.

In 2013 around about the end of March Miss Cavanagh heard some news the the other Year 5 class was going to be joint together with our class to make one big Year 5 for some it was good news but for others they didn’t like it at all. After a few months the big Year 5 class worked out really well everyone were friends.

The thing that I have found most difficult is the challenges but I enjoyed them at the same time because no matter how hard something is I still want to try and sometimes even finish challenges.

I have enjoyed making friends friends that i wasn’t friends with in year 3/4 and I have enjoyed all the trips especially going to Blackpool with year 6.

My best memory in Year 5 would be going to Glaramara for 5 Nights and doing all them activities there and just having a good time.

That has been my best moments in Year 5 and my memories and i hope it can be the same or even better in year 6.


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