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The incredible 5!

Back in my old class in september 2012, I was happy in my old class with mrs Burnitt and mrs De Silver, but a few monthes later in march it all changed and my wish came true.

Some of the  fantastic things that I enjoyed this year was having a funny and beautiful teacher called miss Cavanagh and getting to be with my best friend because she wasn’t in my class before.

The trip that i have enjoyed the most is going to Blackpool because I have never been with the whole class.

The things that I have been finding difficult is getting to know other people and have a realy squashed and small  class.

All the memories that I will remember are going to Blackpool with my class, working with miss Cavanagh, going to trips with Saint Christophers and having a laugh at the class with everyone. I will remember everything about year 5 and I will never forget miss Cavanagh who has helped me, and now i’m comfident .

By Aciea



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