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what did i do in year 5

last year whan i was in the other year 5 we had 31 childerd and there’s alot of childern gon to there country and going in a hollday and going to a nother school. now we have 17 childern and are class rooom is dark and dostey and we sore miss cavanagh class room was byetful and one day in are old class room we had miss buntt and are rele techer is miss adsilver and she was in the hosptel and miss burnett toke care of her jub in tall miss adsilver come back and one day we want to miss cavana new class room and now we had 33 childern and we had fun in are new classroom and are new techer and we all metd the other childern and we had fun in the trips like meten an other school and i realy realy enjoy is to go blackpool with year 6 and i like to go layen park with the other school and we injoy all of the tripsand i had fun.








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