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Yr 5 Memos. Emily :D

Hi i’m Emily and today i am going to tell you about my memories of year 5,

In the beginning i was in a well.. humble class ? and Mrs Desilva , My year 5 teacher , was only in one day so our class had about three supplies. It was a tough year that ol’ 2012 we soon found out that we were joining   Miss Cavanaghs class! OH JOY with old friends and a new vibrant class, Yet Miss Cavanaghs smile turned into a frown the back up again i think she was sad that she had to lose MORE wait to fit around our chairs and for her wedding. But she didn’t know that she all ready had a “BIKINI” body 😀 .

Now to tell you about my happy moments in this BEAUTIFUL class including the fab teacher.

Oh how i love Miss Cavanaghs fun learning she made me what’s the word hmm… HAPPY to be in school i cant belive i wrote that. I will never forget the time when we did dizzy dollies and i went so fast that i stoped ran about and banged my face into the wall i should of put that on youv’e been framed get my hands on some cash HA HA HA! Fun times.

Now about my grades i am so glad with them this year i have certainly got better at my maths now what a good thing! i know i am no Albert Einstein but im better thats all i’m happy about! i’m not sure about this and Miss C if your reading this please tell me if i have got better at my english ( Writing) and reading i think i have?

Waw we get lot smore fun exersise in Miss C’s class we have fun and never forget the time i was like the lucky charm my team won 3 times in a row but if people tell me to try and win i don’t its strange like the power is shy of people or something.

The thing i found quite hard were my tests and maths and recognizing people’s faces and names. I was very anxious with my test’s expecilly maths i though i would of got a 2C or 2A but no i got way higher  i am so happy with my grades!

TRIPS :D!!!!

the trips that i really enjoyed were going lyme park with St. Christophers and BLACKPOOL it was awesome and the Valhala was so scary and WET 🙁 i was drenched i went on t’he NEW ride wallace and gromis THRILL-O-METER. 


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