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Elle and amayas easter holydays!!!


I went water wold on Wednesday and it was so fun the slides were like roller-coaster I got splashed I got splashed by my cousin on the jet ring. the jet ring took you around with out swimming if you tried to stop you will still be going around but there was a bar you could holed on to if you wanted to get out.



























In easter holidays I went to the trafford centre I played lazer quest and then I went to the Namco station. and had fun. next day I stayed at mu cousinz and went trafford centre again and played games in the Namco station.

Robin’s holidays

On the Easter holidays I went to the fair on a ride called the high roller .

Here look !

It was SCARY.

I also went on a simulator in the science museum, it was sick !!! 😀


britney Over easter holyday by britney

over the Easter holyday


I went to my nanas house but my mum said that my nana will coming around today and she never come around today

I am going to say happy to come back to school did you like to come back to school.

Amaya easter holday

Hello, my name is Amaya and no my holyday I went to the swimming sent it is fun and me and my frends was coming to my home and we had fun and then we went to fun far it was so fun I had cande flos it was so so fun on the next day we all sat and we went to play on the x box 360 and we had fun and I 2gols it was so fun then it was April fus day we put makup on my frend it was so funey they all went home.

what i did in the Easter holladay by Ruby B

I played with my kitty and ate choc eggs


Why did the man put his money in the freezer?

A. He wanted cold hard cash!

Q. What did the porcupine say to the cactus?

A. “Is that you mommy?”

Q. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?

A. Frostbite.

Q. How do crazy people go through the forest?

A. They take the psycho path.

Q. What do prisoners use to call each other?

A. Cell phones.

Q. What do you get from a pampered cow?

A. Spoiled milk.

Q. Where do polar bears vote?

A. The North Poll

Q. What did Geronimo say when he jumped out of the airplane?

A. ME!!!

Q. Where do snowmen keep their money?

A. In snow banks.

Q. What’s brown and sticky?

A. A stick.

Q. Why do sea-gulls fly over the sea?

A. Because if they flew over the bay they would be bagels!

Q. What dog keeps the best time?

A. A watch dog.

Q. Why did the tomato turn red?

A. It saw the salad dressing!

Q. What did the grape do when it got stepped on?

A. It let out a little wine!

Q. How do you make a tissue dance?

A. Put a little boogey in it!

Q. Where do bees go to the bathroom?

A. At the BP station!

What did the judge say when the skunk walked in the court room?

Odor in the court.

What did the water say to the boat?

Nothing, it just waved.


Why don’t skeletons fight each other?

They don’t have the guts.


hello guys hi miss i hope you are all okay how was the disco?

well i got good news and bad news well the BAD news is that my dog has hurt her paw!! 🙁

by standing in GLASS

okay and the good news YAY she getting better Bye











World Book Day in Year 5!

World Book Day in Year 5 on PhotoPeach

Hi St Christopher’s

Hi to everybody in Mr May’s class at St Christopher’s!

We loved visiting you last week as it was so much fun!

Looking forward to you visiting us here in Chorlton soon.

From Year 5!

Write me a 5 point sentence about this picture:

1. adjective

2. adverb

3. conjunction

4. simile

5. powerful verb

5 point sentences

Hi all,

Can you write me a 5 point sentence using the following picture?

Meeting Tommy Donbavand!


Hi class,

I have been of school because i have got chickenpox it is horrible i am missing world book day were my mum dresses me up silly and I can’t see the author of scream street but I will see you all maby monday


Hi guy’s from St Cristhopher’s my name is Ridoy and i’m from miss cavanaghs.I have 3 sisters 0 brothers and 1 tabby kitten named Jasper.I love sports like cricket, hockey and football.

hello i am bushra i came last time to meet you we had a great time and i cant wait to meet you again bbyyyyyyyy

question for saint christophers

Do you have buddies?  A buddy is a KS2 child who spend their play times on certain days to play and help the litle kids

by mashal

I’m from the new half of the class and theres thirty two poeple in our class and i cant wait to meet you.

well really we dont have a lot amount of male teachers

from bushra

questions by ruth

hi my name is ruth and i have some questions to ask you

how many girls do you have in your class and can you name them all


about me,brandon

I have 1 sister and one brother but i have a half  brother.

I live in Chorlton manchester and i live with my dad.

I live in Strettford  to.


Hi my name is Jasiah my favourite colour is Green my best lesson is maths I have 1 brother and 1 sister I live in Moss Side my best places to go is the lesure centre to go and swim my local shop is asda in hulme and next to the asda there is a market.

My best hobbies are to play on my xbox.


about Ansh

hi, my name is Ansh,

Some of the comments are done by me.Last month we went to a school trip Glaramara for 5 days. I went it was really fun. Do you have trips like that?

My favourite couler is blue. I love Animals.

About Mashal

im one of the children who came now i really do want to meet you all .my favourite colour is pink . my favourite subject is art i cant wait to meet you.

All abate me

hello my nameis amaya and my frot cole is blue amd i love the sun .

About me and my school

Hi my name is Aysha and at our school we have lots of clubs even thoe we had test all week we still had fun.

What is your school like I hear its realy good and its a cathlic school my cousin goes to  a cathlic school aswle.

I am so  excited for june because I’m getting a black berry and an Ipad minni and in July its my bitrhday and I’m getting a puffy dress to wear yay

please reply back soon by

hi im chyna

hi my name is chyna and  i live at home with my family my puppy and my cat i go to barlow hall primary school

and i lov the colour blue , purple and pink my favorite thing to do is meet up with my family that i havent seen for a while i did that on sunday with my cousins sheniece and sherelle.

Hello to St Christopher’s!

Year 5 just wanted to say a BIG hello to all the children in Mr May’s class at St Christopher’s!
We’re really looking forward to coming to your school next week and can’t wait to see you again!
Hope you write back soon,
Year 5 and Miss Cavanagh 🙂

Best Trip At Glaramara

Glaramara was the best time I had ever had in my life time I enjoyed it a lot and we got to see mr stoneman’s daughters called Megan and Olivia and Megan is 11 and Olivia is 9years old like me and now I miss them so much already if you this message report it to mr stoneman please.

Enterprise Week in 5/6C

This week, we had a fantastic time completing a range of activities for our Enterprise week as well as enjoying some Forest Crew activities. Well done for making a profit of over £37!!!!
Enterprise Week on PhotoPeach


Hi Ruth what are you doing and what does it look like in the Lake District?


Hi children what are you up to and what fun activities have you done because I think it’s fun and that you can do rock climbing and cave hunting .


Hey how is glaramara we heard that it is proper snowing

My best friend by Lucas

My best friend is Kian because he helps people out when they are stuck and he plays stuff what you want play and he dose not do bad stuff and you may have ups and downs but he will still be your friend and he lends stuff also he’s good at swimming you can see doing it and you can copy that he dose not mine you tacking idea from him and that’s why he is a good friend.

Year 5c visit Manchester Museum

Year 5 training to become junior Archaeologists!

Year 5c visit Manchester Museum on PhotoPeach

Why we should get Ipads for our class. By TaHa

  • We should get Ipads for year 5 and 6 because it is really good for reading+writing and instead of buying cameras for teachers we can use Ipads.
  • Ipad is good for our school because we would not have to buy any more books and thats becausether is a app called ibooks and in that app you can read free books
By Taha

why years 5\6 should have Ipads!

Dear ms Kennedy and miss Eleot,

I am writting to you to tell you why years 5\6 should have

Ipads if you are intrested then read on.

Firstly,Ipads are so cool Ipads will even save you money on

photocopping texts for reading , and you will save money on

class camras as well now shourly you would like that?

Now Ipads will make an outstanding progress in our writting

because Ipads will make children happer to come to school,

and we can use the cursive hand witting app on the Ipads

now Ipads will make a masive inpovement in reading

because we can have any book you like on the Ipads because

you can downlod book on the ibooks app.

why we need i pads/elle

Why we need i pads is because if it’s guided reading you dont have to get up and choos a book when you can just tap the pad and you can see loads of bookes and if you can download your faverot book and read it. you can also Miss Cavangh can use them for singing assembaly she can get music on i pads.

Persuading Mrs Kennedy

We should get Ipads because every time we do guided reading we have to read photocopied books, but if we get Ipads we can just get a free app called Ibooks then once your on the app you can download free books and read them. If you have problems reading small text then you can zoom in just by sliding the screen in a serten direction , it will zoom in but if you want to zoom out then you just slide it the oppiset way and it will zoom out , also there is a permenant bookmark on the screen when your reading a book.

why we should get Ipads by sabrina

We would like Ipads for year 5c because…..

hey are really good for hand writing using Ipads would really change are hand writing forever we use apps for handwriting

They are also good for maths we could also use apps think about how good would our writing be at barlow hall school

But Ipads wont just help us the will help you and the teachers too rather than teachers fliking through books they can mark work on Iads

i have gave you three reasons now I hope you will really think about this and hope we get our Ipads thank you for taking yout time reading my letter hope you enjoyed it by sabrina


my day at the manchester museum by nathan

when we whent to the museum we see a spider crab in a window whif blood on it and it came from Jamaica and we seen Raul animals stuffed and we moved on to do diggingand we found 4 fossil and we taken fhto of difrin wepens and bow and arow.

To Persuade Ms Kennedy and Ms Elliot To Get Ipads.

Dear Ms Kennedy and Ms Elliot,

I think if we have Ipads it will improve our cursive handwriting . Ms Kennedy don’t you want your children to improve their handwriting.Do you know how hard it is going to be just writing with pencil, paper and pens? And do you know how hard people find it to write with just paper and pencil?

In addition, I belive that if we have Ipads it will save us from buying digital cameras, but on the Ipads you can turn the carmera around to look at yourself as well ,but on a digital camera you cant turn the camera around to look at yourself.

Next, I know that if we have Ipads it will be easier to mark work on the blog, because it will save time for teachers go on the computer and logging in to see your work.

what i have enjoyed about the wild wild west

i have enjoyed the rodeo bull and our work about the great plains and labbleing the map of the great plains.

by zaynab my week

Dear Mrs.Kennedy,

I am writing this letter because we need Ipads and it will help are educatoin. The Ipads are only £268s.

firstly the Ipads are going to give us good educatoin, and you want evry body to get good educatoin only 6 for each class. The i pads are something that we will use for once. And as people have writing and reading problems the Ipads are, going to help them.

what i’ve learned this week by chyna

This week I’ve learned alot of things starting from…

Monday: I first came into school and usually on mondays we do guided reading we were reading a text and comprehesion then we did literacy our topic is the Wild West.

tuesday:I first came into school and we did guided reading and then literacy then we had play time and after we had numeracy are numeracy is lines of symetry.

wednesday: I first came into school and i really love wednesdays because we spent the day with miss burnitt it was really fun.

thurday:I first came into school andwe got on a coach to manchester mueseum to be archeoligist and we even got to use Ipads

friday: today we did guided reading then gymnastics then it was play time then we did literacy, numeracy and then it was lunchtime then were doing topic .


my day at the Manchester museum by kian

At the Manchester museum we seen a spider crap in the window with blood on it and it came from Jamaica. we seen real animals stuffed then we moved on to do digging and we found 4 fossils in the sand then we split in to 3 groops and had 3 Ipads and we seen real peoples skulls and their whas a very angry one whith 6 teath still in its mouth and we seen wepons.then we had are dinner then came back to school.

What I enjoyed on my trip By Fahad

I enjoyed the digging in sand we found all the items and I saw the spider crab it was so massive it had blood on it and I saw the animals.

Prsuvading someone to buy us ipads

Dear Miss Kenndy and Miss Elliott

I am writting to tell you how can ipads ensure childran learning now i got few reasons why now i am going to tell you why.

Firstly you know how hardv miss cavanagh workes on her singibng assembly i think it will be better if she can use vbackground music but a brand new one because the old one is a bit rubbish it stop and play it is innoying please can we have ipads and this is my firdt reson why.

Secondly i think they are good for guided reading because it will take us less space becauseon the ipad you can fit in a million books and if you more need books you will nedd to buy more boxes it will waste double money so don’ t delay agree today.

Childran will be come on time because they will be excited to go on the ipads we wont use them all the time just sometime.

I know mister stoman is very kind we need to be carefull he always needs his money so i think you can be very kind to mister dtoman and as him but befor that you can tell him to don’t delay agree today.


Thankyou for taking your time to read my letter hopefully you would have understood my feelings .

From Bushra aziz













































































































































































Went hapnd at my school

MY name is AMAYA Harrson . We went on an a trip to manchestaer museum.

We got here on a cohach it did not tak long we seend a spsisc crab

we learnt about archeoligy.

well saw sum old joriy .


what I did at the manchester museum.

we went on a coach, to get to the museum, I liked it alot wen we got in.

Me and my frend saw a spider crab.