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In September 2012 year 5 started, but i wasn’t there…Yeah that’s right i started in December.

When i started i found it hard to fit in, New School, New Friends and a New Class Mates. It was really weird but then i got some really good friends: Zaynab,Sabrina,Kaitlyn even some more.

I remember once Miss Cavanagh wanted to tell us something,we came up up with crazy ideas;then miss told us there was only gonna be one year 5 class and she told us the other year 5 class was coming  and was going to be part of our class. PHEW!!! I thought Miss Cavanagh was leaving.

I’ve enjoyed so many things: the trips with ST Christopher’s, LS Lowry trip, Making friends especially Blackpool. At Blackpool my favourite ride i went on ever was the Revolution because i went on it at the front with my Best Friend, Zaynab,she screamed a lot and when i say a lot i mean a lot. 

One of the most difficult things for me was fitting in. It was so hard but i managed anyway i think ?

Mr Hakiman was Rohan’s helper, but he left when Rohan left. MS Burnit was the other class’s supply teacher and when Miss Cavanagh went out she would sometimes teach us.

Lots of funny things happened especially in the playground, it’s  always with Zaynab and Me.

I went to Glaramara in Lake District, i shared a room with my Best Friend can you guess who? It was Zaynab for 7 days that was good but the activities were quite hard only some though.


Ansh Easter holiday

I didn’t really go out that much in my holidays. but i did have a really good easter egg it was delicious. My cousin came over from his Uni in Scotland for a few days. But i had a really good time with my friends when i saw them in the easter holidays and had. If anyone went to the Trafford centre i hope they had a great time. Hope you had a great Easter.

From Ansh

question for saint christophers

Do you have buddies?  A buddy is a KS2 child who spend their play times on certain days to play and help the litle kids

about Ansh

hi, my name is Ansh,

Some of the comments are done by me.Last month we went to a school trip Glaramara for 5 days. I went it was really fun. Do you have trips like that?

My favourite couler is blue. I love Animals.

The Great Plains

Hello, my name is Ansh, this term we are studying the Wild Wild West(The Great Plains) So I’m here to tell you what I already know.

If you know more information please feel free to post it on the blog. I’m sure that it would help our research.

The people who live there are Native American Indians, and cowboys and cowgirls.

The Great Plains is a broad expanse of flatland, much of it covered in Prairie,Steppe and Grassland.

Late wet snowstorms are common. In spring mid 50-60c but can drop below 0 and reach 90.

It snows early on september because the days cool down in 50-70c and night near freezing or below.

There are tribes called SIoux,Blackfoot,Cheyenne,Crow,Kiowa and Comanche.

The 10 States that make The Great Plains are:

Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The Sheriff.

My Christmas Holiday


my name is Ansh i am here to tell you about my holiday.

For Christmas i got a 2 teddy bear’s a bear and a dog.

I also got earrings,and perfume.

At home i’ve got a dog called Sam, He is a German Shepard. He loves playing.

I was also spending a lot of time watching tv.

My favourite shows are:

  • Zoey 101
  • Life with Derek
  • MI.High
  • Tracy Beaker
  • Sally Bollywood
  • Kid Detectives
  • 6teen

I caught the flue bug from school so i’ve not been anywhere for holidays.,It was not really fun, because of the bug.

On Tuesday we had a rodeo bull but i missed it because i had an appointment, So i went to school late.

My school is called Barlow Hall Primary School in Chorlton.

BY Ansh