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Yr 5 Memos. Emily :D

Hi i’m Emily and today i am going to tell you about my memories of year 5,

In the beginning i was in a well.. humble class ? and Mrs Desilva , My year 5 teacher , was only in one day so our class had about three supplies. It was a tough year that ol’ 2012 we soon found out that we were joining   Miss Cavanaghs class! OH JOY with old friends and a new vibrant class, Yet Miss Cavanaghs smile turned into a frown the back up again i think she was sad that she had to lose MORE wait to fit around our chairs and for her wedding. But she didn’t know that she all ready had a “BIKINI” body 😀 .

Now to tell you about my happy moments in this BEAUTIFUL class including the fab teacher.

Oh how i love Miss Cavanaghs fun learning she made me what’s the word hmm… HAPPY to be in school i cant belive i wrote that. I will never forget the time when we did dizzy dollies and i went so fast that i stoped ran about and banged my face into the wall i should of put that on youv’e been framed get my hands on some cash HA HA HA! Fun times.

Now about my grades i am so glad with them this year i have certainly got better at my maths now what a good thing! i know i am no Albert Einstein but im better thats all i’m happy about! i’m not sure about this and Miss C if your reading this please tell me if i have got better at my english ( Writing) and reading i think i have?

Waw we get lot smore fun exersise in Miss C’s class we have fun and never forget the time i was like the lucky charm my team won 3 times in a row but if people tell me to try and win i don’t its strange like the power is shy of people or something.

The thing i found quite hard were my tests and maths and recognizing people’s faces and names. I was very anxious with my test’s expecilly maths i though i would of got a 2C or 2A but no i got way higher  i am so happy with my grades!

TRIPS :D!!!!

the trips that i really enjoyed were going lyme park with St. Christophers and BLACKPOOL it was awesome and the Valhala was so scary and WET 🙁 i was drenched i went on t’he NEW ride wallace and gromis THRILL-O-METER. 


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hi everyone i cant wait to go to blackpool and Lyme park with St. Christophers primary school can anyone tell me if your going on the PEPSI MAX can two people sit next to me so i squeeze them so tight if i am tall enough 🙂 bye emily

HI ITS emily hope you are all okay can you please improve this sentence!


the tiger roared loudly.


hello guys hi miss i hope you are all okay how was the disco?

well i got good news and bad news well the BAD news is that my dog has hurt her paw!! 🙁

by standing in GLASS

okay and the good news YAY she getting better Bye