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my fantastic year in year 5

Back in september when i was in mrs desilvas class it was weird because i didint have my normal teacher for a while. becuase i had a suplie teachers and we wasent learning any thing we just watched films on youtube and i just thort it was a little bit weird because we only had mrs desilva for a little while becuase she wasent well.

Then when my normal teacher came back mrs desilva she told us some news and that news was that we was moving to misscavanaghs  class and i was realy upset about that because i had never had miss cavanagh as a teacher before and i thort that she was going to be realy scary.

After a while a few months later we was getting ready to switch classes and then we then moved into miss cavanaghs class on that monday back and that day when i had just walked in the class room it wasent as scary as i thort it was.

Once miss cavanagh had done the register we did some work together to get to no each over a bit weller and then miss cavanagh came over to help me and i got very nervous and started to shake but it wasent as bad as i thort it was going to be then i soon stopped but that was realy difficult  to.

But now ive got to no miss cavanagh its all good because i have got  use to her and i have liked year 5 becuase i  have loads of friends what make me laugh and i like to talk to witch are alina/aysha/kaitlyn and many more.

In year 5 i have enjoyed going to blackpool with year 6 that was great fun and i went on some few good rides like the revolution and i was going to go on the pepsi max but the quew was massive so i couldent go on that  and i was also going to go on the infosision but plans changed becuase the quew was to long we went to nikelodean land for a while to see what rides were over there there was a few good rides i mean i went on that ship where you sit on the motter bike and go pretty high.

And now that its nearly the end of year 5 i now cant wait for my next challenge year 6.