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my amazing year in year 5

In september I am happy to see my new new teacher miss cavanagh and our assisant mr hakiman also i was ready to meet new friends in the class…but after that everything was about to change!

In march there was another year 5 class coming to join our class to make 1 big year 5 class and that was breath taking for everyone because they were used to being seprate classes but we had to be a big class and it was really scary for us and miss cavanagh.

After a few months we was a big class then we started to do this thing called school linking project with another school called st cthristophers…our first trip with them was going to the amartage centre and turned out to be good and i also made a new friend called leonie and she was a very friendly and beautiful girl.

Then after 6 weekes we met again and our second trip was to go to their school to see how its like and i reilised that they had a chutch next to their so that meant they belivers and one part of the church was called our lady.

In july when we went to our trip to blackpool it was so good i went on the ice blast and many more.I nearly wet my pants considering how high we went on the ice blast.

This year i am proud of  getting my good grades and my improvement in maths. 

What i did over the easter holidays??????

On good Friday I went to London to my cousin house for two days and my mum god brother used to work in Buckingham place and we was going in the water fountain and my sister slipped in the fountain and got drenched

On Easter we went to Disney world in Paris and it was so fun then I went to my hotel and there was a parrot so we called the a person from downstairs to come and take parrot away.

By Ruth xxx

questions by ruth

hi my name is ruth and i have some questions to ask you

how many girls do you have in your class and can you name them all


Best Trip At Glaramara

Glaramara was the best time I had ever had in my life time I enjoyed it a lot and we got to see mr stoneman’s daughters called Megan and Olivia and Megan is 11 and Olivia is 9years old like me and now I miss them so much already if you this message report it to mr stoneman please.

To Persuade Ms Kennedy and Ms Elliot To Get Ipads.

Dear Ms Kennedy and Ms Elliot,

I think if we have Ipads it will improve our cursive handwriting . Ms Kennedy don’t you want your children to improve their handwriting.Do you know how hard it is going to be just writing with pencil, paper and pens? And do you know how hard people find it to write with just paper and pencil?

In addition, I belive that if we have Ipads it will save us from buying digital cameras, but on the Ipads you can turn the carmera around to look at yourself as well ,but on a digital camera you cant turn the camera around to look at yourself.

Next, I know that if we have Ipads it will be easier to mark work on the blog, because it will save time for teachers go on the computer and logging in to see your work.

The Wild Wild West By Ruth

Hi my name is Ruth and I am going to tell you what I have already learnt already know about the Great Plains. The Oregan Trail went from western Missouri across the Great Plains into the Rocky Mountains to Oregan city , Oregan. It was the most heavliy used in the 1840, 1850 and 1860s.It was the longest historic overland migration.

Nebraska on the oregan trail in North America. The lenght of the wagon trail from the Missouri river to willamette trail in North America.

In the United States the Plains include parts of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas.

What Ruth Did Other The Christmas Hoilday

On Christmas morring I went downstairs and I opened my presents and I got two i pads , an new BMX bike in blue white and black , and I got a computer but then I realised that my sisters didn’t have anything electrical so I gave patience one of my i pads and gave lourde my computer so they would have some thing to do and I realised at the end that Christmas is not about receiving its about sharing with each other.on new years eve I went to london to see the fireworks for new year 2013 I loved going london to see the fireworks we had to come back on that same day

What ruth has enjoyed in year 5

I thought that I was never ever good at doing maths but I got good at it and didnt give up I kept on going and i Iknow it hard for some people but I still kept on going anyway.

Trip with St Christphors School by Ruth

On the 29 November 2012 we went to the Amartige centre and met st christphors and we did lots of activties like cheerliding , dogheball and sports activites and we met  lots of new friends on that day and I meet Leonie , Emma Joe , Anastacia , Jennifer and rachel  and some other friends but I  forgot there name. Now I was going to cheerleading was the scariest time of all because we did tricks  and I thought the people from the other and are school would not catch me but the did eventhough I weight a little too much and i really had a good time and when you  are in year 5 you will get to do this thing and i am sure you will have a good time as well.

Ruth and her weridist times tables

One day i was at school and something weried was going on in maths we was suposed to do are 9 times tables but instead we did are eyeballs times tables and thats really weired because we dont do are eyeballs times table which is something really new cant you beilive that.