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memories of year 5!!!


A couple of months ago when we started year 5 with Miss Cavanagh I was scared I had no idea how miss Cavanagh would be would she be mean horrible strict loads of things were running in my head all at the same time because I’ve never been in Miss Cavanagh class before but it was different for the kids that had been in Miss Cavanagh year 3/4 but as the days passed I got to know all the kids that I never got to know.

we had lots of memories about year 5 one of the best was when we went to Blackpool also when me and Amaya was messing and we both fell through a dip in the playground  math was really fun too because I had my two best friends were on  my maths table and we always help each other when we were stuck .

but there was some difficult times like when the two classes came together and we had to meet new people and got to know new kids  also we had to all squish up in one little classroom

it has been a really good year it was so fun I wish it could start over. bye


why we should get Ipads by sabrina

We would like Ipads for year 5c because…..

hey are really good for hand writing using Ipads would really change are hand writing forever we use apps for handwriting

They are also good for maths we could also use apps think about how good would our writing be at barlow hall school

But Ipads wont just help us the will help you and the teachers too rather than teachers fliking through books they can mark work on Iads

i have gave you three reasons now I hope you will really think about this and hope we get our Ipads thank you for taking yout time reading my letter hope you enjoyed it by sabrina